Spotlight Shined on Caring Campus
The respected newsmagazine Diverse: Issues In Higher Education featured the Institute for Evidence-Based Change's (IEBC) Caring Campus program in a recent editorial.

In Engage New Students Early Or Lose Them: Here’s How to Do It, co-authors Dr. Brad Phillips, IEBC president and CEO; Dr. Davis Jenkins, senior research scholar at the Community College Research Center at Teachers College, Columbia University; and Dr. Hana Lahr, senior research associate and director of applied learning at the Community College Research Center addressed the reality that too many students, especially students of color and low-income students, are lost within the first two weeks of the academic year.

Through Caring Campus, IEBC has developed ways that faculty and professional staff can help make this essential connection with students right away.

The data are clear: Colleges that engage in Caring Campus are reporting extraordinary gains in course success, persistence, and even graduation and transfer.

With more than 38 years of experience covering education, Diverse is the only bi-weekly newsmagazine focusing on matters of access, diversity, inclusion, and opportunity for all in higher education. IEBC is privileged to share its results with the Diverse readership. Read the entire editorial here.
Ascendium Education Group Publication Highlights Caring Campus Achievements
In its Fall 2022 newsletter, Ascendium Education Group featured IEBC's Caring Campus program. The promising results show through its efforts to engage faculty and nonacademic staff in building a culture of belonging.

According to the article Caring Campus Makes Student Success Everybody's Business, With Promising Results, "Caring Campus is part of a larger trend toward more holistic approaches to removing barriers and supporting postsecondary students. The initiative and others like it are based on decades of research documenting that students who feel connected to their college are more likely to succeed in their courses, persist from semester to semester and achieve their academic goals. Institutions that employ these approaches tend to yield strong results."
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